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smart hair removal clinic

The smart hair removal clinic

Visiting a Soprano Titanium laser hair removal clinic for the first time? You might notice the practitioner entering some details on the laser machine before and after the laser treatment. If so, they are using our new ‘Smart Clinic’ feature!

Alma has always been a pioneer in laser hair removal technology. From its early breakthrough SHR patent to its famous ICE cooling that completely removed pain from the equation. Now, with the Soprano Titanium laser comes its next evolutionary step – transforming the laser device into an advanced, IoT based platform.

‘Smart Clinic’, developed by Alma, is a pioneering cloud-based data center. This tool enables a wide-ranging control and logging of all treatments performed in a single hair removal clinic or a large chain of aesthetic centers. The software reflects the status of platforms, applicators, and productivity in real-time, letting hair removal clinic managers access data and make adjustments instantly.


hair removal clinic management softwareWhat is the ‘Smart Clinic’ used for?

The ‘Smart Clinic’ enables the laser hair removal clinic manager or practitioner to review and monitor all of the treatment metrics performed by the Soprano laser. On top of that it displays data regarding the devices’ performance. They can use the data provided to make better decisions in real time to improve the overall performance of the clinic. This higher level of control can benefit all parties involved – from employees to patients.


How can this benefit patients visiting a soprano hair removal clinic?

You can utilize Alma’s management software in a variety of ways as it is highly flexible. One of the goals is to keep high patient satisfaction rates. The platform allows treatment parameters recording and analysis for each patient. Also, you (the patient) can fill out a digital feedback questionnaire afterward that is logged with your treatment details. Combine these Two and the laser technician can rely on these metrics to tweak and control the treatment process. The result is a better overall laser treatment experience.

New users can download the cloud-based software and use it on their personal computers, tablets and mobile – Android and iOS.

For more details you can watch a short video we’ve made that illustrates the main benefits of our ‘Smart Clinic’. If there are still any questions you might have feel free to contact us!

‘Smart Clinic’ by Alma introduction video

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