Everything You Need to Know About the Soprano Laser Experience
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Everything You Need to Know About the Soprano Laser Experience

For three decades, laser hair removal has been a popular way for women and men to rid of unwanted facial hair, armpit hair, back hair, leg hair and more. Over this time, laser technology has evolved, leading to quicker and less painful hair removal. However, there is no machine that has shown to be more effective than the Soprano laser.

Featured in three unique machines by Alma  — the Soprano Titanium, Soprano ICE, and Soprano ICE Platinum — this award-winning technology is used and cherished all over the world by spa owners, aestheticians, and medical professionals.

One of these spa owners is Nadia Deen, owner and beautician at Mint Laser & Beauty in Pretoria, South Africa. Nadia has used the Soprano ICE in her spa for over five years and loves its ease and performance, particularly how simple it is to get the hand tool into “nooks and crannies” on the face and body. But more than that, Nadia loves the confidence it helps give her customers.

Our society is obsessed with appearance,”  Nadia says. “Many beautiful people come to the salon with significant insecurities to the point where they are dressed a certain way to cover their so-called imperfections. Some women even take razors to work to shave their face several times throughout the day. When they finally arrive at Mint, they are at their wit’s end. They are hanging to a tiny bit of hope that the laser will help. When the laser does help, it’s truly incredible to see how their demeanor and confidence changes. I find much comfort in knowing I have the best platforms, and when I have clients that feel hopeless, I’m able to reassure them that my Soprano laser is the answer. To experience the gratitude at the end of the process makes it all worth it.”

Victoria A. Cirillo-Hyland, MD, has been using Alma for over 15 years at her spas in Bryn Mawr and Newtown Square, Pennsylvania. She enjoys the Soprano laser for its cutting-edge technology. “The Alma SHR “in-motion” innovative technology really changed the world of laser hair removal as it is virtually painless,” Victoria says. “This technology, as well as the unique cooled tip, allows you to deliver higher levels of energy without overheating the skin. Using the clear aloe vera gel also minimizes friction and soothes the skin.” Victoria calls the Soprano a “workhorse” and loves how it doesn’t use consumables.

But spa owners and aestheticians aren’t the only ones who value Soprano laser treatment. Customers, too, appreciate the machines’ compact size and fast, pain-free results. While most laser hair removal technology can feel like rubber bands snapping your skin, Soprano offers a comfortable and relaxing experience where customers barely notice their hair is being lasered away.

To learn more about how to purchase your own Soprano platforms or to see what other medical grade aesthetic equipment Alma sells, please contact one of our friendly staff members today.

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